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The Law Offices of Harris & Zide has been litigating on behalf of our clients for over 25 years. Our firm focuses on a strict litigation timeline to ensure all cases are moving to resolution as soon as possible. Our collections staff is trained to handle accounts throughout the litigation process and will customize a collection strategy specific to each client’s standards and needs.

Our experience includes:

Credit Card Debt

Personal/Consumer Loan

Commercial Loan

Automobile Deficiencies

Student Loans

Judgment Enforcement

Our clients include:

Finance Companies


Credit Card Issuers

Debt Purchasers

Credit Unions

Businesses (Commercial Accounts)





Flint C. Zide is the principal of the Law Offices of Harris & Zide. He graduated from Southwestern University School of Law in 1992, Magna Cum Laude and was admitted to the bar that same year. Flint has been in a creditor’s rights attorney that entire time and has made over 1000+ court appearances, including over 200 bench trials.

Flint is a member of the National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys and the California Creditor’s Bar Association (past president).



Southwestern University School of Law



California Bar Number: 160369

Admittance: 1992


Founding Partner



Robert T. Harris, the founding partner, was admitted to the California Bar in January 1966 and was involved in all aspects of legal representation of retailers and creditors for over thirty-five years.  During much of that time, Bob was employed as Vice President and General Counsel for Bullock’s Department Stores and then as Vice President and Regional Counsel for Federated Department Stores.  In this capacity, he had complete legal responsibility for Federated’s Bullock’s, Bullocks Wilshire, I. Magnin and Ralphs Grocery Company Divisions.  While in-house counsel, he was responsible for aggressively protecting and pursuing his clients’ rights in the litigation arena, while assuring legal compliance for his clients and avoiding legal problems.  He also set up and managed an in house legal debt collection unit within Bullock’s.

When Mr. Harris left Federated in 1988 because of the takeover of Federated and sale of its California units, he chose not to move to Federated’s headquarters in Cincinnati and started his own practice specializing in representation of creditors in the areas of debt collection, and general business litigation.  These are all areas with which he was intimately involved as in-house counsel.  Mr. Harris passed away in 2003.

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California Bar Number: 316926


We carry all appropriate general business, workers compensation, and professional liability insurance.


Information Security

The firm has state-of-the-art computer security to ensure the integrity of client data. The firm also ensures physical security at our location including video surveillance, access card readers, and burglar alarm system. In addition, the firm has a Business Continuity Plan and a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan. The firm continues to invest in information security to meet client standards and to stay up to date with the ever changing technological environment.



We are members of NARCA – The National Creditors Bar Association and the California Creditors Bar Association (Flint Zide is a founding officer and was a former president).