Law Offices of

Harris & Zide


NOTICE: Effective 6/5/2023, the Law Offices of Harris & Zide’s operations will be moving under Scott & Associates. Post-dated payments scheduled on or after 6/5/2023 will need to be re-established under Scott & Associates. You may receive letters from Scott & Associates, but please note any arrangement you have set up with our office will be honored. On or around 6/5/2023, the payment portal may redirect you to Scott & Associates website where payments can be made online. If you are unable to make or schedule a payment, or if you have any questions or concerns please call us at 800-381-0003.


The Law Offices of Harris & Zide was founded in 1988 as a debt collection law firm. Our law firm litigates in California. Our main focus is to assist our clients in the recovery of delinquent consumer and commercial debts. We pride ourselves in the use of up to date technology, an emphasis on customer service, and a high focus on compliance.